Tuesday, 8 May 2007

De-'church' - Update...

I don't know where this 'de-churching' journey is taking us; we are just as much swimming around in the dark as before; my husband posed the thought recently that perhaps we should go back to being more visible in the 'church' (meaning go to Sunday meetings) - WHAT IS CHURCH, FOR GOODNESS SAKE??? - for the sake of the Rangers; in order to possibly gain more potential leaders... being officially in, and yet not attending meetings on Sundays does tend to isolate one. We invite people, we have constant contact with those working with us in the Rangers; but somehow not being there on a Sunday morning does put one out of the picture. I suppose because mostly everyone else is still sticking to the Sunday club system and if one doesn't join in, then it makes one an outsider.

It's a strange feeling. Maybe it's part of detoxing still. I think people have probably more or less accepted that we are old cast-off clothes and no longer wearable. Strange. God gives amazing insights, and no-one is interested. It's more comfortable to stick with what you know; even if the price is becoming more staid and traditional.

A confirmation service took place last weekend, for all those teenies who'd gone through the course. They were bored out of their pants during the course, which was like school lessons, and only stuck it out because their parents wanted them to, and because of the big family celebrations planned at the end. Everyone was calling it a confirmation. We did not go and our son decided that he didn't want to have anything to do with it either, after not going to the course for months. We are proud of him that he didn't do it just to get into 'Church membership' . It was his decision. K. is going to take him out for a weekend somewhere on his own; go on a hike or something, bless him and pray for him there instead. He'll be 13 on Friday. We're giving him a front-door key and a mobile phone.

So instead of going to the service on Sunday we invited two other families to come to our place and worship with us there. It was really good to have fellowship with them (we had a BBQ afterwards.)

In the meantime, we are preparing for a Rangers camp, and have just heard this morning that the chap who was going to be a vital part of the camp leadership has just been given the sack as a youth leader by his pastor in W; (he's seen as rebellious) is not being allowed to be on the camp leadership and isn't being allowed to go to the camp in N. in August, (to which we are also going), even though he's paid for it. The pastor brought in another youth pastor instead. All the youth adore P. and will probably walk out because of the pastor's decision. Goodness knows what damage this power game is going to result in. It's all about political control.

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