Friday, 25 January 2008

Update 2008

Things that are on my heart at the moment...
Still praying for direction about church. There are quite a lot of people we know who are in flux at the moment, having left their own old Sunday clubs and are rootless, seeking Jesus, fellowship and longing for reality and not religion.
The poor. We live in an affluent area. How do we take the gospel to the poor? There are enough unreached people living on social security in nearby rabbit-hutch-high-rise accommodation with drug and drink related problems.
These words of Jesus have always needled me - when He says that when any one of us gives a party, we shouldn't give it for family and friends (which we do all the time) but for the poor and the lame and the outcasts. Does ANYONE actually do this???? If not, why not? I want to know how to do it. I'm only a housewife and feel powerless but where there's a will, there must be a way. Nothing is impossible for God.

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