Tuesday, 4 March 2008

We've been fighting off the colds and bugs recently, like so many others, and the sore throat I had last week has decided, after a few days of holiday, to return to familiar territory. Not for long though. Death to the bug.
Most recent news:

Yesterday I had the best present ever. A long-standing friendship which suffered a big blow two years ago, because of the paradigm shift we went through about church, has been healed. I am so grateful. We still think differently, but our friendship in Him has to be more important than 'how we 'do' church'. This is an answer to two years of praying. Thank You Lord! And it happened on my birthday. WOW. God is so good.

B. is doing really well at school in England and he sounds so happy when we talk to him. H. has her last exam tomorrow for scholarship entry to the school in September. Can't wait to hear about how she gets on. We'll be flying over on 15th to have H. visit the school, as well as see B. and then bring him home for 4 weeks holiday.
F. left yesterday for 5 days in-service training. Back on Friday.

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