Friday, 7 November 2008

What's up recently...

We have ended our 'membership' with VH. This doesn't mean that we have cut ourselves off from seeing friends who still see themselves as part of the organisation. But we felt that it was long overdue. It is more or less a cosmetic gesture after having not been involved for so long. But we needed to make a clear statement for ourselves so as not to still be under a sense of false obligation to those who we used to see as leaders. We are grateful for all that we have learned through them and thankful for our time with the group. But we need to move on. So we asked for our membership papers back, asked the Lord to forgive us for having made an unscriptural vow, and burnt the papers. Feel great.

On Wednesday I did something totally out of character. Went into town in the evening and met a group of perfect strangers in a bar. Had a brilliant long talk about God and the world. Amazing. One of the group is teetering on the brink of the Kingdom and needs prayer. We all left at 11.30pm. Hope to see them again next week.

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