Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Simply Church

I think this video makes some great points. It may not always be possible, though, to find or find oneself in simple church as this video seems to describe it. How many believers today are alone for whatever reason? Imprisoned, persecuted, on the run, somewhere out there in the wilderness?
No-one is forgotten, though. The Good Shepherd knows each one of His sheep. House Church isn't The Method, or The Answer; Jesus is. For three years we have been asking Him to show us what we should do; which way to go. Every time, He just said to us, 'I am the Way', and we are beginning to learn what that means; that we are not part of a homogenous organisation in which the individual gets swamped in a morass of rules, programmes, methods, busyness and business, tradition and expectations of others and oneself; to the extent that one's own identity and calling are buried and lost.
We are learning to ask Him every day, 'Help us keep our eyes on You; do what we see You doing, say what You are saying...' Gradually, automatically, as we just love and live in Him, He is taking us to places in Him and with others that we never imagined three years ago. It will look different for each one of us. Each one is different; each one has his or her special calling from God. In just the same way, the Good Shepherd calls each grouping of His Body to be unique and individual. His is the ultimate in bio-diversity.

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