Sunday, 10 May 2009

Esoteric Exhibiton

Was at the Esoteric Exhibition here in town yesterday (I arrived later) and was surprised and encouraged to find it much smaller than I had expected. Some are praying, obviously. One of the stall holders told me that it was difficult to meet all the costs of the exhibition, because there were so few people coming.

Was introduced to a witch and a shaman. The former I had already met at a meeting of some of my anti-NWO friends. The latter offered me the chance to pick an angel card; which would demonstrate the particular angel I had need of, at the time. I declined with thanks, saying that I already had lots of angels to help me. She replied that it was not often that people know that they are accompanied by angels and that's why the cards are useful. Actually, she admitted, they were just playthings.
M. was really glad to see me there, kept hugging me and happily showed me round the room, trying to get me to try everything out. There were talismans, crystals, all kinds of stones and jewellery, kinesiology, all kinds of New Age gimics and offers; books, readings, etc etc. One woman, who had 'read' M. before and told her everything about her past life, was thankfully not there when I got there. Another, who was heavily into channelling, Tibetan mysticism and chakras, tried to get me to have my tarot cards read, but I also declined, whereupon she asked me what I was afraid of. She was quite pushy and manipulative. Poor woman.
It was encouraging to meet a group of disciples there who were praying during the whole weekend, plus an evangelist who was scheduled to give a couple of talks. I went to one of them, which was quite good. Not at all religious, and although there were few people there - all of them women - one lady in particular asked a few pertinent questions.
I talked with the evangelist shortly before I left. It's a pity he's so bound up with his pastoring 'job'. His real gifting is buried. He said he loves being around non-Christians - and wishes he could do it more - he gets so sick of those who have been Christians for years and just won't change, or budge from their stiff, religious ways. I felt sorry for him. It is a tragedy that the biblical 5-fold ministries won't really come into their own in the West until the man-made church system breaks down.

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