Thursday, 10 September 2009

The children are back at school as of yesterday and the house seems quiet (no more bickering) and tidy again - what with only two people to make a mess, there's a lot less to pick up.

We've had a wonderful summer in many ways - much to be grateful for. We stayed at home this time. Hannah passed her driving test, Frank his motorbike driving test, Ben got top marks in his German GCSE and Hannah the same in her As level papers, plus she got a Distinction in her Grade 2 flute exam.
Frank was able to buy the second-hand bike he's had his eye on since April (a BMW R 850 GS) and he's enjoying driving to work with it. This should cut down considerably on driving costs.

I've been asked to write a book for a publisher in the UK, about Jezebel, which is really interesting. Have been doing lots of research into Tyre and Phoenicia and the background of the story. I am so thankful for this, as it means I shall have something to keep me occupied until the children come home again in December. The book has to be finished by the end of November, but if I need a bit more time, they'll extend the deadline for me.
I'm going to call it 'Izevel, Queen of Darkness'.

We are seeing a growing interest on the part of several friends (4 -5 at present) in Jesus and have spent time with them on many occasions sharing about Him. Just last week we were at a birthday party, where a young guy started peppering us with questions. It was so encouraging. We are praying for each one that they would come to the place of complete surrender and that no-one would come to Jesus half-heartedly. May the Lord make our witness and our lives shine all the more brightly.

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