Tuesday, 19 January 2010

The Missing Piece

Before I got to bed last night, I was finishing off a 1000 piece Lord of the Rings puzzle (one of three in a big tin which had been a present from old friends) which had been developing on our piano in the living room. We do these puzzles every winter. I had one piece of black edge missing. It was frustrating, because it had never been missing before. None of the pieces had ever been missing and I was upset.
It sounds like a tiny thing and it is, but I told the Lord how frustrated I was about it, and then, for no reason, got down on my hands and knees and pulled out a couple of files from the bottom of the bookcase next to the piano. The missing piece was right at the back, in the dark, where the files had been. I cannot imagine how it can have found its way in there. Everyone knows that feeling of satisfaction when the missing piece has been put in place. Yeshua is so good. It was a sign of His love that He is with me/us even when everything seems dark.

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