Monday, 17 May 2010

Faith for Flights

Heard this morning that air flights were disrupted again across Europe, with UK airports closing. They're opening again now, but disruptions could occur again - and again... Was praying this morning - again - about the children's flights home in two weeks - and felt impressed to pray for a 'window' of clear skies so that they can both come home and fly back to school. As I did so, there came this voice saying, 'How can you be so self-centred, asking God to arrange the skies so that your kids can fly home for their holidays?' But my second thought was, 'why not?'

Recently I read in Luke about the disciples saying - 'who is this? Even the wind and waves obey Him?' after Jesus calmed the storm on the Kinneret.

He reminded me about this - and I felt that I should pray for this window and to thank Him in faith for it. As His child, it is my birthright to ask the Father anything in the Name of Jesus, and to expect Him to answer. So I am being outrageously impertinent and asking what for me is a huge thing, but which for Him is nothing. And I have peace that it will all be OK.

Watch this space!

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