Wednesday, 19 May 2010


It is interesting to see how in the last few days, several voices have come against my resolve to bring our children home for the half-term holiday. The latest is that the headmaster of the school they go to, has written to strongly recommend that year 13 pupils not be allowed to fly because of the ash cloud possibly turning up again, in case they can't get back for their final exams in June.
My parents have also told me that the children can stay with them if we want to keep them in the UK over the holiday.
I will look pretty stupid if I'm wrong and didn't hear the Lord. Naturally I'm afraid, but I still feel peace about the decision.
Added to that, I've been attacked with a nasty case of tonsilitis and F. has had another Sudden Deafness Attack which has still not quite reversed itself. The son of friends with whom we meet regularly on Fridays has fallen ill too, with a temperature. It seems as if our decision to pray together every morning for our husbands is having an effect on the unseen realm and someone doesn't like it.
We will not give up. We are sticking at our resolve. All things work together for good to those to love God.

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