Sunday, 21 November 2010

The Reason for Celebrating the Light of the World and His Incarnation

OK, I know I don't celebrate Christmas/Weihnachten. I put this in because it celebrates the Messiah. Begotten of the Father before Creation, prophesied about in the scriptures, manifested on earth to Israel as the Angel of the Lord, conceived of a virgin at the festival of Channukah, (24 Chislev) born at the feast of Sukkoth (15 Tishri) crucified, died and buried at Pessach (14f Nissan) resurrected at First Fruits three days later, ascended to the Father again 10 days before the festival of Shavuot, at which feast He poured out the Holy Spirit on His followers. He will come again in glory very soon.
This is fantastic.

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