Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Full-time ministry on the job.

A lovely thing happened recently and I thought of writing about it because of something I read on Wayne Jacobsen's blog.

Last week I was able to pray with an 8 year old, who had left his brother’s expensive, brand new handball shin pads at school. His mum was upset with him, and we began the English lesson, with him very downcast, as mum drove off to school to try and find the pads, convinced that they had disappeared. So we prayed. Ten minutes later, mum turns up again – with the shin pads, and a huge grin. Little Ronald exploded with relief and joy. So we thanked Jesus together. What a lesson of the love and provision of God for a little chap. He’ll never forget it. His mum was thrilled too.

Other things have been happening, with people at the company I teach business English to, beginning to ask me about what I believe, and telling me their problems. It's a wonderful thing just to 'be', not to have any agenda, and just watch the Holy Spirit doing things in His time. It is so relaxing, not to have to force conversations, but just to love people and let God do the rest. There's no pressure to bring the subject round to spiritual things; it just seems to happen. Father is so good.

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