Friday, 29 April 2011


Lots of rhetorical questions:

How much of church 'life' and my connection with others is orchestrated by my good intentions?

How often have I run to connect with those that God 'allowed' me to be connected with, rather than actually willing it as the best thing for me?

How do I know who is really of God's connecting and who isn't?

Should I always disconnect from those I don't sense a 'oneness with and only stay with those who I 'feel' knitted to in the Spirit? I'd probably have very few relationships if I did that. Love covers a multitude of sins, after all. We are not all able to take truth in deep doses. It seems that God has made us all of different types and depths and I suppose God uses those who see things differently to grate and rub and polish me; teach me more about Himself.

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