Saturday, 30 April 2011


Yesterday after watching the Royal Wedding, we made three mini Victoria sponge cakes and iced them with the Union Jack. I was afraid to admit it, because these days of encroaching global government, everyone is being made ashamed to feel proud of their own country, but then I thought, 'No. I'm blowed if they're going to make me feel ashamed.' Frankly, I'm proud to be English/British; on a soulish level. I know perfectly well that who I am in Christ supercedes all nationality, which is why I can embrace anyone from any national background as my either potential, or real brother or sister and love them with no holds barred. I had to be born of some nationality though, and I'm glad it was English. It would be sad if I didn't feel that way. I think it's terrible how Germans have been robbed of their national pride. Thinking about it, I believe that this is exactly what the Global Elite want. They want to break down all national boundaries, destroy all feelings of national pride, so as to inernationalise everyone. Americans ought to feel proud of their country too, and not be made to take down the Stars and Stripes from their houses because it offends global sentiment. Every country has done awful things. Each one has also done good things. These days, though, everyone is being made to remember only the bad things; the power-mongering, the atrocities, the greed. Enough ranting.

I loved this video. My German mum-in-law said that she thought that William and Kate were disappointingly stiff and unemotional with each other in the Abbey and couldn't understand the reason why. I think she thought that the Brits are dreadfully cold. I wouldn't want to hang my feelings out for the whole world to see either though. That's why I posted this video.

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