Friday, 31 August 2012

Answered prayer

Our 18 year old son Ben passed his driving test today! Praise the Lord! Three years to the day that our daughter did! Such a relief and an answer to our prayers at breakfast time this morning - seeing that he is under some time pressure as he has to go back to the UK to school next week!
He does his motorbike driving test next Tuesday - the day before he leaves - so if anyone thinks of him, please pray for him that he passes. The German driving tests are extremely stringent, and cost a bomb. If he doesn't pass the test on Tuesday it will complicate matters exceedingly, as he wants to have a license which combines both car and motorbike. He won't be back here until December, and won't be able to retake the motorbike test until next spring - as riding a bike in snow and ice is unadvisable to say the least. So he'll need more lessons to refresh and practice then, which is expensive. Lord, please help him to concentrate, drive wisely and responsibly and give him a good examiner. Thank you!!

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