Thursday, 9 May 2013

Salvation has Three Tenses

I don't know how it is in other countries, but here in Germany there seems to be a large number of Christians who have been taught that you can lose your salvation.

It can become a big issue of contention, sadly. They are taught that Yeshua died for us, but from the point of receiving Messiah, it's up to us to maintain the salvation by good works (incl. of course, church attendance - preferably at THEIR church) because if we don't we can lose it. We know a pastor in our town who actually believes this. Everyone's trying so jolly hard to do the right thing. The tragedy is that it makes driven, hard-hearted, unmerciful people out of them, and they lack peace and joy.

I was recently blown away by a teaching from Chuck Missler where he talks about salvation having three tenses (my ears perked up because I teach business English) - justification = past tense, (removal of the Penalty of sin) sanctification = present, simple and continuous, (removal from the Power of sin) and glorification = future, removal from the Presence of sin).

All are accomplished by the Cross, which is why Paul said, "That he would know nothing among you, save Jesus Christ and him crucified" ....He sought to preach the cross daily for it is the power of God unto salvation to them that believe..."'

I just love the simplicity of this.
Many here in Europe are taught only about justification, so they remain babies in dirty diapers/nappies. They don't know how to grow up, walk, wash themselves and become adults by constant practice in obedience to the Holy Spirit. Which of course spells division all across the board. No wonder the church is in such a mess.

As a result, when they come face to face with the Lord, yes, they're still saved, but what they actually bring in results of being saved, the fruit, is pretty much burnt up.
It seems to me that if we first were
1.saved by responding to the Spirit of Holiness, and thereby are proclaimed perfect in Messiah, so are we
2. daily set apart/sanctified, again, by the Spirit of Holiness, as priests, to love and worship our King, and by constant practice, at the end,
3. we come face to face with the Holy One Himself, to receive the rewards given to those who produce fruit in obedience to the Holy Spirit.

And the fruit of the Holy Spirit, as we're told in Galatians 5:22, isn't winning millions to Messiah, being a successful church leader, seeing people healed etc, but simply living out of His love, in loving obedience to Him, where he has planted us, often in hidden places where we are not noticed or praised.

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