Thursday, 4 August 2016

The Kingdoms of this World

In the light of current events in the UK and US, it is easy to become caught up in election fever.
The media whip people up into a frenzy of loyalty to one candidate or another, and emotions become so hot for one side or another.

But those who say they follow Jesus still haven't taken seriously what the Lord says about worldly government. He says that the rulers of this world are in rebellion against Him, (Ps 2) and commands us not to put our trust in princes. (Ps 146) Paul tells us not to get embroiled in worldly matters. (2 Tim 2:4) Why then, do we focus on worldly things? The only result is that we get sucked into the world's way of looking at things, (selfishly ambitious) which as Jakob says, is wisdom - earthly, unspiritual, and demonic. (Jam 3:15).
Yeshua tells us that HIS Kingdom is not of this world. (John 18:26) and if it were, He goes on to say, '...My servants would fight to prevent My arrest by the Jewish leaders.'

 It is this kind of fighting which we see between those who espouse any side of the political debate. Instead of being filled with the Spirit of God, we open ourselves up for soulish, divisive spirits which only set one group against another - party spirit. This was so clear in the whole BREXIT debate. If Yeshua had been asked which side He was on, I believe He would have said, 'No', just as the Captain of the Lord's host said 'No', to Joshua, (Josh 5:14) when asked, 'Are you on our side, or on that of our enemies?' Joshua's response was to worship the Lord.

By being given the choice between candidates, whether in the UK or in the US, or anywhere else, people are hoodwinked into somehow believing that one is better than another. Perhaps the Clinton-Trump battle is a case in point. It is ridiculous to think that Trump or Clinton are saviours. Both are flawed human beings, as we all are. The US is tricked into the same old routine every four years, and the same thing happens all round the world where the form of government called 'democracy' - holds sway. Granted, it's the only form of rule which gives a modicum of lawfulness and peace in what would otherwise be anarchy and chaos on one side, or totalitarian dictatorship on the other. Nonetheless, this world is depraved and lost and the only hope for it is the authority of the coming King of Kings.

Let's not sink to the level of nationalism, either. To the Lord, all the nations are like a drop in a bucket. He is above all nations and has the final say in who is elevated to power and who is debased. The Lord commissions Elijah to anoint Hazael king of Syria, a man who would go on to fight and commit atrocities against Elijah's own country, something which God revealed to Elijah, who wept to see it.
He tells Elisha to tell Naaman, the Syrian army captain, (one who had campaigned against Elisha's own country and taken away prisoners, including an Israelite girl) to wash in the Jordan to be healed of his leprosy.
He tells Jonah to preach to Nineveh, which Jonah is loath to do, as he doesn't have God's perspective. 

To pledge allegiance to a flag or a party or any human institution on earth is to come under the spirit of that institution. This is idolatry. Those who claim to follow Yeshua are to be unswervingly loyal to Him alone.

So instead of getting focused on party politics and nationalism, let's guard ourselves from deception and pray for the Kingdom of God to be established. He knows better than we do what kind of government best suits His purposes (which are higher than we know) and He can do it without us.

His purpose is to reveal His Son in the earth, and set up His eternal government, not that of men.

'And the seventh angel sounded, and there were great voices in Heaven, saying, “The kingdoms of this world are become the kingdoms of our Lord and of His Christ, and He shall reign for ever and ever!” (Rev 11:15)

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