Saturday, 24 February 2007

Some of my favourite places

Isle of Mull at sunset. Mull is, in my opinion, lovelier than Skye. It's more unspoilt and there's glorious blue pottery to be found there.
We saw a Sea Eagle,
and there's Eas Fors, a 14 m sheer drop of a waterfall, plus, on the Isle of Ulva,
the best grilled oysters with garlic you've ever tasted ...

Fingal's Cave on Staffa. Like a huge, natural cathedral. Awesome.

Dorset Coast. The further you get away from London, the more unspoilt the country is and the slower time seems to go by.

Climbing the Großer Daumen in the Bavarian Alps, I had to choke back tears at almost every new view. How can people deny the existence of our Almighty Creator?

Eilean Shona - we spent our honeymoon in this cottage nearly 17 years ago ... The stillness, except when the stags are rutting in late September/early October, and you hear them roaring in the rhododendrons in the evenings, is unforgettable...

Lady's Well, (previous to medieval days, St Ninian's or Paulinus' Well) at Holystone, Northumberland; dark, still, green, silent reflections of trees arching over the ancient well spring pool, (possibly Roman) which Ninian probably visited and in which Paulinus baptised 3000 in 627 after Messiah's resurrection. The villagers were used to collecting the pristine water here for hundreds of years until recent Euroregulations put a stop to it.
How about Saving the Well while they're about Saving the Whale?

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