Friday, 16 November 2007

Relationship - not Religion

The world has had enough of religion and religious institutions. But outside a friendship with the Creator through the Man, Jesus, religion is the best mankind can come up with. It's dead, but it has the appearance of life and busyness, regardless of whether it's Judaic, Islamic or so-called Christian.

And about the word 'Christian'... What do you mean by the word? If you mean, someone who believes in God, goes to church and tries to do good, then you could fit a lot of people from other religious persuasions into the same category, except that they might go to the temple, mosque or gudwara. Maybe we should scrap the word altogether. It seems as if many use the word without really understanding what it means.

At core, the word means, a 'Christ-one'.
Ie. someone who is loved by, belongs to and lives like the Messiah Jesus. How many Christians could say that of themselves? The early Christians didn't. It was those who weren't Christ-ones who gave the Christians the name, because they saw the life of the Messiah in them.

Life in the Messiah isn't about following rules, attending meetings or being part of programmes, (these things tend to quench the life) but simply living life every day, doing whatever comes one's way to do, knowing one is loved with an amazing, undying, unquenchable love, and loving back those Father puts in one's path. With Him, it's all very simple, but we tend to complicate everything.

Man is a religious animal, caged in his religious zoo, outside the Holy Spirit-breathed revelation that he’s a child of God whose birthright is freedom from slavery. Trouble is, so many of Father’s children still live as religious animals in their religious zoos.

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