Tuesday, 4 December 2007

Well, it's final. Our 13 year old only son is going off to a boarding school in England in 4 weeks time. Miraculous provision. He's wanted to go for 5 years and it has become possible. The speed with which this has happened has flattened us like the German Intercity Express (ICE). I'm running around getting him organised: new clothes, underware, bed-linen, laptop, Skype, doctors' and dentists' appointments, vaccinations, passport, uniform, plane flights, car hire from airport, talks with the school etc. etc.
Our daughter (16) will follow him there next September (she'll try for a scholarship in March). I certainly never imagined they'd 'leave' home this quickly and I expect it will hit me eventually, but right now there's too much to do to think about how I feel. I just know that this is right for them both and am really happy for them. We have been unhappy with the German school system and the schools that B, particularly has been to, for a long time (even though my better half is right in the thick of it himself) and have prayed for both children and their future. Home schooling would be great if we had the resources, but we don't, and it's still illegal here.
We still can't quite believe that it's happening.

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