Friday, 2 May 2008

Summer is a Comin' In - Loud singeth G.O.

Heard the Golden Oriole this morning for the first time this year. What a delight.
Thank you Lord! Last year I first heard it on the 4th May.
The one I heard doesn't sound exactly like this, but it's still unmistakably the G.O. I read recently that the same species of bird in different parts of the country sound slightly dissimilar; birds have slightly different dialects, just as we do. That's not altogether surprising, when you come to think about it, but it still seems awesome, all the same.
We've also got a pair of song thrushes in the garden again this spring, , which really seem to have an unfairly large repatoire of sounds;
a pair of collar doves, which nest here every year,
and we have a pair of white storks in the Wiesengrund again this year.
It's such an amazing thing to stand out in the garden and to listen to all this wonder. And it's all for free!

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