Tuesday, 9 March 2010

The Love of Heaven

The Love of Jesus, none can tell.
Because He loves His Father well,
He came to brave the hoards of Hell
– For love; a holy Bride to free.
He could have called on angels bright
To put His enemies to flight –
Deliver Him from Satan's might
And yet, He chose to stay, for me!

We all were lost and so He came,
And though we only were to blame,
At Golgotha, He bore our shame
And bled and hung upon the Tree.
He loved the World, and so He stayed
And on His back our sin was laid.
His life for ours – a treasured trade –
His blood for ours – a priceless plea.

But Hell, His triumph could not drown;
Our sin could not remove His crown
And Death, it could not keep Him down!
So soon, our King, His face we'll see!
In righteousness we are arrayed
Because He, for our souls has prayed
And to the end, He has obeyed,
Redeeming us eternally.

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