Sunday, 18 April 2010

Eyjafjallajökull and its ramifications for a small, unimportant family

What an amazing situation. Whoever would have thought that Eyjafjallajökull's eruption would have had such consequences for so many people.

This awesome act of God has resulted in an extra week of holidays for our children who were due to fly back to the UK this morning, but as all Germany has shut down its airspace, as has Britain, for the fourth day running, their flights have been cancelled. So we have been trying to find an alternative - and have booked tickets for the ferry across the North Sea to the NE of England. What a story. We will have to drive them up to Amsterdam (a 6 hour drive if we're blessed with good traffic conditions) next Sunday, put them on the ferry and then drive back. They'll travel overnight and get a taxi to school the next day. Incredible. I still can't quite believe it. But, as a friend in Panama very aptly asks, and I suspect a good many others are doing the same, 'Isn't it time man showed some humility?'

We take so much for granted and think that we are invincible. It doesn't take much to show us our place. Praise God for such events.

And if the global financial crisis was really evening out, which I don't believe for a moment, this event will certainly set things back a huge amount. I wonder what vile plots the Powers That Be are cooking up behind the scenes, as they take advantage of this latest crisis.

We are grateful that our own situation is so much less difficult than it must be for so many others.

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