Thursday, 12 April 2012

Resurrection decoration: the daffodils are out and the tomb is empty.
He is risen! Jesus is alive!

We spent a good two days, last weekend, down in the Alps with another family, two extra teenagers and a couple of guests from England. We were invited to stay with them in the house belonging to our friend's brother. He and his family were visiting other family members elsewhere, and very kindly let us all (13 people) make use of their lovely house. While the weather wasn't particularly friendly (rain the first two days and snow on Sunday morning) so that we got very few glimpses of the mountains, we had a super time together, with the teenagers providing most of the laughs.
F. did a bit of teaching on Passover on Saturday evening while we had a scrummy supper of roast lamb, couscous and stewed apple and ice cream for pudding. We were also able to do a bit of walking in the mountains, (up to the point where it got too foggy and steep), visit Herrenchiemsee and have a guided tour around Ludwig II's bombastic palace, (in which he only lived for 10 days and never completed), and on Sunday on our way home we popped into Munich and had a couple of hours in the Deutsche Museum, which was fascinating and well worth it, even though we didn't have that much time.

We had had a rather stressful few weeks and we felt it in several things which went awry, taxing our faith and patience, like the Satnav going on the blink when F. accidentally dropped it and the memory card slipped out. He thought it was broken, but after we prayed, let the battery run down and re-boot it with the memory card pushed back in, it worked again fine. Praise the Lord. It seemed like a little thing, but for F it was the last straw in a series of frustrating incidents, most of which seem to occur when he is exhausted with work, which is pretty much always. Funny how it's so often when one is at the end of one's tether when one gives up and lets God through. But somehow the lovely people we were with didn't seem to let it bother them, and while I thought they were marvellous for putting up with us, they were glad that we were there!

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